April 3rd

Reading: Close Reading/Testing Genre - Review
-Students will read 20 minute nightly.  They will NOT turn in the summary each morning this week. 

Unit 4 - Week 1: moist, brittle, vendor, rectify, crave

Word Study: Unit 20 (Diphthongs: ou,ow) 
-10 list words to study
-3 No Excuse Words for writing. These words don't follow patterns, but are common in writing. Students will need to write these words in a sentence.  
-Students will also be given 10 additional words that follow the spelling pattern for the week.
-Test Friday 

MathUnit 7 and test prep

- One page of math practice per night for homework (M-TH)
- Each page is labeled with the date to be completed  
Writing: Writing Informational Essays
-We will be writing informational essays and using topic sentences and details 

-For grammar (Mentor Sentence) we are focusing on simple, compound, complex sentences 
-Students will have a Mentor Sentence quiz Friday.    

Social Studies: No quiz

Dates to Remember:     

April 14th - No School 
April 7th: Class shirt Money due
April 18th - TCAP testing begins
May 9th - Zoo Field Trip
May 24th - Student's Last Day/Class Play

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